Hey there lovely!!

I’m so excited to hear that you are planning your wedding yourself. No matter what journey you choose to plan your special day- as long as it’s enjoyable that’s all we care about.

So let me help you choose a package that will suit your needs the best..


On the Day Coordination is perfect if you’ve literally done everything yourself and want to make sure that is all runs smoothly on the day. Most venues are really good and you won’t usually need us after your reception starts unless you are on a private property or have a catering company and any additional festivities to manage like fireworks etc.



Sound like something that would make your life easier? If that’s the case here are your options.

  1. Come in for a coffee and discuss your special day in more detail by Calling 07 3262 1821 or prefer to Email: Chandler at
  2. Or you want to make sure your wedding date doesn’t book out? Then fill our this Let Us Get To Know You Better form and we will book in your wedding date and we will contact you to finalise your booking.


Actually I think getting you to do it might work better for me…