Planning a wedding is no small thing. After you have chosen your venue, your theme, your colour palette, your furniture, your decor, your menu, your drinks list, your guest list, your flowers, your desserts, your music and your dress it is easy to miss the small details that can tie your whole wedding together. We don’t want you to miss a thing. That’s why I am about to share with you an insight that if applied to your wedding styling, could transform your wedding from a Pinterest fail to a featured wedding in your favourite wedding magazine. All you need is one word…


Fonts can often be overlooked by brides who don’t have experience planning weddings. But the truth is, your choice of fonts says a lot about your wedding, and the effective use of fonts in your wedding styling could take your wedding to the next level.

Stationery by Sketch & Etch

Choose your fonts

Before you make any decisions on your wedding stationery, do some research on fonts you love. It might help to start looking at invitations and take a note any fonts used that you love, or get some inspiration by searching on instagram or Pinterest. As a general rule, one BOLD font and one cursive font is usually all you need, but it is your wedding so you can decide! You don’t even need to know the names of the fonts, just take screenshots or save the url’s so you can have them on file when you start planing with your stationery designer.

NOTE: Your fonts can contribute to your overall theme. For example, a font can be modern, traditional clean, or whimsical. The style of your written text communicates a certain message. Think about your theme and what you want to communicate when choosing your fonts.

Choose a stationery designer

When possible, choose a stationery designer that can provide all of the stationery for your wedding. This will ensure that all of your fonts are exactly the same and that consistency is maintained through out every stationery element. Some of the stationery items you might like to include are:

  • Save the dates
  • Wedding invitations
  • Welcome sign
  • Ceremony program
  • Seating chart
  • Bar sign
  • Menus
  • Name places
  • Table numbers
  • Wishing well or Photo Booth sign

Once you have chosen a designer, share the fonts you love with them and emphasise that you would like all of your stationery elements to have the same fonts. Most stationery designers will be able to replicate a font or find one similar, especially if they are creating the designs by hand.

Use the same fonts for EVERY stationery element

This is the key to using your fonts effectively. Try to resist the temptation to use a different font for one of your stationery elements. Using the same fonts for every single stationery element create an overall look for your stationery that is coherent and consistent.

Stationery by Little Duck Calligraphy

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