As the Head Planner and Stylist of Foreva Events how long have you been doing what you do?

12 years to be exact.

I really want to hire a Wedding planner but I’ve heard its expensive?

Hiring a Wedding Planner is only a small percentage of the overall cost of your wedding. The truth about having a Wedding Planner is that the amount of time and stress you save yourself makes the service an investment. It also saves you costs on suppliers and streamlines your planning, allowing you to enjoy your special day properly.

Is there anyone that would not benefit from your help?

Any bride that thinks they are highly capable, doesn’t work full time and really wants to do everything themselves would probably be better off styling and planning their entire wedding and hiring an On the Day Wedding Coordinator to make sure that everything runs smoothly at the very end so that they don’t have to stress on their wedding day.

Will I lose control if you’re Planning and Styling my wedding?

No you will not. The aim of our role is to turn your vision into a reality, seamlessly and create an experience that you could not create yourself, without years of experience in the wedding planning, and styling industry.

Do you work well with other vendors, if I have already chosen some?

We use several different vendors on a day to day basis to ensure that we find your perfect matches. So because we are use to such an array of different vendors to suit various personalities we are always happy to work with any new vendors that we haven’t met.

Do you charge overtime rates if you work over a certain number of hours?

No we don’t. We have a very curated planning process which allows everything to run as smoothly as possible. By having such a refined process which we manage efficiently this allows us to charge a fee and it doesn’t give you any hidden surprises at the end.

Do you ever take more than one wedding per day?

I personally do not, however if we do have more than one wedding booked on the same day one of our other event assistants will be assigned to that wedding and the second bride booking on that day will be notified, when they book with us.

Do you do payment plans?

Yes we do.

Do you have current Liability Insurance?

Yes we do.

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