You made it here and I’m honestly so excited for you and just want to remind you to treasure this experience for as long as you  possibly can! Whether you are newly engaged or looking to plan an incredible party I’m here to find out if we will be a good fit.

My name is Eva (pronounced ever) the owner of Foreva Events… get the pun? I have 2 dogs, 2 kids, and often I feel like I have 3 as Foreva Events is definitely one of my babies. I also have one incredible husband, Luke.

Ten years ago if anyone told me I would have been here I would have laughed at them. I actually started out envisioning that I would have been a big CEO in the corporate world, and with this mindset started out by studying Marketing and Japanese at UQ, St Lucia. Soon after I realised that it definitely wasn’t for me and so I got into the Events Management world by completing a Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism management, majoring in Events Management.

Soon after I started working for a few different hotels organising conferences and still felt like I wasn’t going down the right path. Then one day I was offered a position as a Wedding and Events Executive and with slight hesitation I took it. You see I actually thought that it wouldn’t work out because I was far from a “creative” and a “romantic”…but looking back, boy was I wrong.. I actually loved working with Brides and watching the magic of styling an event unfold. Each wedding and party brought it’s own unique sense of excitement which I never experienced planning conferences.

Then after my love of weddings, events and styling grew I found myself pregnant to my first born, Skylar and I needed to become a mum. So I took a huge risk and with the inspiration of Bela’s story (you can read about this below) Foreva Events was born and I have never looked back.

And still to this day after planning and styling a ridiculous number of weddings and events my heart still melts when I see our couples say “i do” and when I hear the speeches. Even though we are very professional in the office and have to make sure that no stone is ever left unturned, planning a wedding or any event pretty much makes us family, and if we don’t click it just won’t work. You can check out a sneak peak of a few of our weddings in the video below so get an idea if we are a good fit…

So today with my small team of Bronte, our incredible stylist and Chandler our planner in the office and a handful of on the day coordinators I couldn’t have asked for anything more because this life is honestly so much more special and worth while when you get to share it with the people you love!

If you think that we would be a good fit please get in touch because I can not wait to get to know you, hear your story and discuss how we can transform it into an event that you will remember Foreva!




 “Once upon a time, there was a gorgeous lady called, Bela. At birth she was left on a strangers doorstep, where she was taken in and raised as their own. She grew up, happily married the love of her life and had seven children. Many years later her husband passed away from cancer in his early 40s leaving her with her children and positive nature. Years later she met a kind, gentle divorced man called Frank, who had four children of his own. Together the families united and several decades later they decided to marry again for the second time. In recent years Frank passed away and as he lay on his death bed his final words to Bela were “I love you”. Bela’s strength from all of the years of being in love still keeps her spirit alive and well and this is the story that inspired Foreva Events. Eva the owner of Foreva Events holds this story close to her heart as these are her grandparents and this story lays the core foundation of Foreva Events, which is inspiring couples to create a real life love story that will last Foreva!”