Once upon a time, there was a gorgeous lady called, Bela. At birth she was left on a stranger’s doorstep, where she was taken in and raised as their own. She grew up, happily married the love of her life and had seven children. Many years later her husband passed away from cancer in his early 40s leaving her with her children and positive nature. Years later she met a kind, gentle divorced man called Frank, who had four children of his own. Together the families united and several decades later they decided to marry again for the second time. In recent years Frank passed away and as he lay on his death bed his final words to Bela were “I love you”.  Bela’s strength from all of the years of being in love still keeps her spirit alive and well and this is the story that inspired Foreva Events. Eva the founder of Foreva Events holds this story close to her heart as these are her grandparents and this story lays the core foundation of Foreva Events, which is inspiring couples to create a real life love story that will last Foreva!




We are wedding planners and stylists that pride ourselves in our professionalism, expert knowledge and attention to detail, which allows us to deliver the best quality service to all of our couples.

With several years of planning and styling experience we are able to take our couples on a personalised journey that leaves them at ease and turns their visions into a reality. Our main objective is to plan and style every wedding as if it were our own and make sure it’s an incredible chapter of your LOVE story.

With a small team of professional planners and stylists we guide you through the planning process smoothly and efficiently, leaving you stress free and able to make the right decisions with a clear mind.

Our key recipe is that our small team work extremely hard because we are so passionate about creating a visually stunning experience to mark one of the happiest days of your life. Seeing our couples faces light up when their ultimate wedding experience comes to life is worth more than anything and we wake up everyday knowing that, that is why we love what we do.