Have you decided to get married away from your home town, or just want to elope anywhere but here and have no idea where to start?

Believe it or not most couples get even more stressed trying to wedding planner away from home as they don’t have the relevant contacts and can’t visit all of the vendors to make sure that everything they want is in place.

Not to fear. Having planned weddings from the Whitsundays through to Thailand and England we are all set. We have the connections to drive your dreams into action and execute all of the wedding goals you set.

If you are planning a destination wedding or planning to elope away from home, please feel free to contact us to arrange your complementary consultation and turn your vision into a reality.

What you will get when you choose to plan your Destination Wedding with Foreva Events….

Anyone can do their taxes, but there is a good reason we pay an accountant to do them. And that’s because they will save you time, money and after several years of learning the trade they have already made all the painful mistakes that we don’t need to.

So if you are one of those people that value their time, money and relaxation more than anything else this is what you will get when you choose to work with us…

  • 200 plus hours of planning done for you, allowing you to free up several weeks of your time, so you can just do the fun things
  • Not losing sleep trying to communicate with vendors in different time zones
  • All the painful negotiation time taken off your hands
  • We will hold your hand and support you through every decision you need to make
  • We will definitely save you money
  • We will create an event that is completely custom designed to you’re story and style
  • You will be taken through an incredible experience that we have exclusively designed over 10 years of wedding planning and styling, that has proven to take the stress away from all of your wedding planning
  • You won’t need to make any expensive mistakes
  • You are guaranteed to have a wedding day that you will want to remember Foreva!