Wedding planning is an extremely personal affair. Before you get started please find out if we are a good fit HERE.                                              

What you will get when you choose to plan your Wedding with Foreva Events….

Anyone can do their taxes, but there is a good reason we pay an accountant to do them. And that’s because they will save you time, money and after several years of learning the trade they have already made all the painful mistakes that we don’t need to.

So if you are one of those people that value their time, money and relaxation more than anything else this is what you will get when you choose to work with us…

+ 200 plus hours of planning done for you, allowing you to free up several weeks of     your time, so you can just do the fun things

+ All the painful negotiation time taken off your hands

+ We will hold your hand and support you through every decision you need to make

+ We will definitely save you money

+ We will create an event that is completely custom designed to you’re story and style

+ You will be taken through an incredible experience that we have exclusively designed over 10 years of wedding planning and styling, that has proven to take the stress away from all of your wedding planning

+ You won’t need to make any expensive mistakes

+ You are guaranteed to have a wedding day that you will want to remember Foreva!

For most of us finding someone special enough to say the words “I love you” to means the world to us. For this love to grow and turn into a passion that makes us realise that we only want to spend the rest of our lives with just this one person fulfils us more than any fortune can possibly buy.

At Foreva Events we understand that this love is turned into a celebration that takes you back to the special moments that led towards you both falling head over heals for one another. For some their ideal wedding day may be a group of small friends having a tea party on the beach that has relevance to how they fell in love and for others their ideal wedding day may be a Gala dinner overlooking the lake where they grew up together. As every single couple is so unique and different, in order to create the most memorable day of your lives we pride ourselves on getting to know our couples on a personal basis so that their needs are met and their special day reflects what means the most to them.

In order to meet your needs we have designed these Wedding Planning Packages to create one of the most memorable days in your life and take the stress off your hands.

 We look forward to hearing from you!

“Your wedding is an amazing chapter of your love story”, Foreva Events