What to do when unexpected weather hits a wedding

One of the key insights I have learnt as a wedding planner is that you need to be prepared for things to change on a wedding day. The reality is that you can have a perfectly planned wedding with a timeline planned to the second, and something can still happen that flips that 50 page schedule upside down. One of the biggest causes of on the day changes is being hit with unexpected weather. It could be rain, heat or even wind, but the good news is there are ways to be prepared for and deal with extreme weather changes on your wedding day.

How to deal with the RAIN

Outdoor weddings are beautiful, but they come with a certain risk. One of the brides I worked with this year decided to have an outdoor wedding ceremony at the gorgeous Hidden Grove in Noosa. She was told, “It never rains in June at Noosa”. Guess what… it didn’t just rain, it poured! Having a wet weather back up in times like these is imperative. Some couples will choose to have a marquee on standby, others will book a whole indoor venue just in case it rains. The important thing is that you don’t forget about planing a wet weather back up for your outdoor wedding.

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How to deal with the HEAT

I remember standing at a friends wedding a few years ago and starting to loose my vision. It was an outdoor garden wedding in 45° heat, and I felt so faint that I ended up having to leave half way through the ceremony to sit down in the shade. If you are planning a wedding in the Summer months make sure you are prepared for the heat. If you have the opportunity, book your wedding indoors in a venue that has air conditioning, or ensure that an outdoor venue is in the shade. Here are some tips that will help make a Summer wedding a little easier:

  • Wear sunscreen and have sunscreen available for guests
  • Have PLENTY of water available for the bridal party and wedding guests
  • Have seating available
  • Have your ceremony in the shade, not in direct sunlight
  • Bring hats or shade umbrellas
  • Think of fun ways to cool everyone down e.g. ice creams on arrival or custom hand-held fans on the seats.

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How to deal with the WIND

Preparing for wind at a wedding is often overlooked. I’ll be the first to put my hand up and confess I was not ready for the wind at my own wedding. In 2014 I stood facing my now husband on our wedding day about to say our vows to each other. It was a hot, Summers day and our outdoor ceremony location had to be changed to a nearby hall due to an afternoon storm. We opened up the doors on either end of the hall to give our guests some relief from the humidity. Just as we were about to say our “I do’s”, a huge gust of wind came through the hall and blew over a large flower arrangement right behind us. The ceramic vase shattered onto the tiled floor and the flowers that my Mum had spent hours arranging were scattered everywhere. We laugh about it now, but in that moment I learnt something… Always be prepared for the wind.

Here are some practical tips that might be helpful when preparing for the wind:

  • Secure your arbour, backdrops and marquees with sand bags or ground pegs.
  • Attach your signage using velcro, blue tac or tape
  • You may even need to attach the easel or frame to stronger structure
  • Secure any light items to heavier items e.g. tie confetti bags to the chairs so they don’t blow away
  • Bring back up hairspray and make up to touch up any wild hair or teary eyes from the wind
  • Ask your wedding planner to bring cable ties, blue tac, tape, fishing line and rope to your wedding so they are can tie down any loose items.

The wether can often be unpredictable and unexpected, but if you are prepared to face the elements, no weather can ruin your wedding day.

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