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The perfect floral combinations

Are you struggling to find the perfect flower combination for your wedding?

Look no further, we’ve got you.

We reached out to some of the amazing florists we have had the honour of working with to ask the question:

“What is your favourite flower combination?”

Some florists described this question as being as difficult as choosing a favourite fur baby, as you can imagine the variety of flowers there is to choose from! Read on to see what they had to say!

Loreta- The Wonderful Bunch

“My personal favourite flower combination are flowers from my childhood.  I grew up in Canberra that has four clear seasons, and you notice the passing of time by observing the clues around you. The blossom and bulbs in Spring or the Autumn leaves as the weather starts to turn.  Queensland is a tropical paradise, so I guess I seek out the more seasonal flowers at market that are not available year-round.  I love winter hellebores with their amazing range of colours and delicate downturned bell-shaped heads.   I love fragrant flowers also, there are lots of beautiful modest flowers such as freesia and Jasmine that put loads if energy into making perfume, but when you incorporate these into your floral designs, the fragrance becomes part of the memory. Flowers are part of milestone moments in our lives, and I love to understand what flowers are personal to my clients.   If you incorporate these ingredients into the designs, even in a subtle way, it makes the flowers more personal, part of a story and transcends fashion.”

Marion- The Brisbane Flower Market

“Our favourite flower combination is an exquisite blend of ranunculus, dahlia’s, clusters of roses, andromeda, sims & wattle. This combination captures the senses with its enchanting beauty and harmonious colours. The delicate petals of ranunculus and dahlia’s gracefully intertwine, creating a tapestry of beautiful hues. The clusters of roses add a touch of elegance to the arrangement, while the Columbian roses bring a regal presence with their larger blooms. Andromeda and sims add a whimsical touch with their dainty flowers, whilst the wattle adds a touch of soft sage buds for a point of difference. Together these flowers create a stunning symphony of colours and textures that truly bring joy to our team who get to create these beautiful bouquets.”

Emilia- Bloodwood Botanica

“I would say it would be a combination of something interesting & textural, against something clean & classic.”

Roxanne- Bunch It Up

“As a florist it is so hard to choose a favourite flower combination. Every season brings interesting & beautiful flowers for us to work with. At Bunch It Up we love using the season’s best flowers to create unique floral creations & are lucky enough to work with many amazing local growers to get the best quality flowers. I love combining seasonal flowers with big headed roses & stunning phalaenopsis orchids and combining different textures & shapes to create visual depth & interest.”

We also asked our very own head stylist and planner Rayna what her favourite floral combinations would be…

Rayna- Wedding & Events Stylist & Planner at Foreva Events

I really love wild, unstructured florals. I think it looks so effortless, romantic and beautiful. My favourite flower combinations usually involve Cosmos, Delphinium, Ranunculus and Dahlia’s. I also love Green Hanging Amaranthus and Queen Anne’s Lace for some texture. Bonus points if poppies are added in as they are my FAVOURITE flower.”

There are so many beautiful flower combinations to choose from, so it’s completely normal to feel a bit overwhelmed from all the options. We hope the recommendations from the florists and stylist above gave you some inspiration for your wedding flowers! If you are looking for some extra help choosing your flowers, we would love to help. Click the link below to book in your free 15 minute consultation, we would love to help you plan and style your special day. | Brisbane, Australia