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So your child’s birthday is coming up and you are already stressing about the party plans… Of course a Brisbane event planner can help take the pressure off but if you’re determined to make this event happen on your own, here are our top 10 things you need to know to throw a stress free kids party.

1. Digital invites

Consider sending out digital invites to reduce paper waste and cut costs. It takes no time at all to get onto a site like Paperless Post and make your own invitations with their ready-made and free templates. If you’re bent on having paper invitations so your child can hand them out to their friends just print them out at home!

2. Check dietary requirements

Make sure guests RSVP with their dietary requirements to save time contacting them again for that information.

3. Be smart with your event time

Schedule the party somewhere between 2pm and 5pm. If you’re having the party between lunch and dinner you’ll just have to focus on the snack foods rather than organising a large meal. 

4. Preparation

Have dinner already prepped for the night of the party so you don’t have to stress about dinner for the family once your guests leave. Make enough food the night before to cover the next night or spend some of the morning throwing together a quick and simple meal that’ll keep until dinner time.

5. Collaborate

Consider doing a dual party with one of your child’s friends so you can coordinate with their parents and split costs.

6. Ask for help

Ask friends and family for extra tables and chairs if you happen to lack the equipment. They’ll be happy to help out and wouldn’t expect your money, just your gratitude.

7. Have a theme

A theme can take a lot of the stress away when it comes to decorations and games as you can tailor them to fit the theme.

8. Get inspired

Check out Pinterest for some styling inspiration. They’ve got some swoon-worthy ideas that could be easily replicated with a bit of creativity.

9. Hire a babysitter

Instead of hiring a performer why not ask an older son or daughter of a friend to babysit the kids and coordinate games for a fee. They’d be cheaper than a professional party performer, might even already know the kids if they’re an older sibling of one of the guests and can dress up to match the theme. This will also give the adults some much needed down time to talk with each other.

10. Cupcakes for dessert

Have the kids decorate their own cupcakes. This can also double as the slice of birthday cake each child gets. All of the delicious fun with none of the worry about germs when the child sends spit flying everywhere whilst trying to blow out their candles.

Words by Tara Thomassen | Brisbane, Australia