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It all started when I woke up one morning and realised that after 6 years of having my business Foreva Events something was missing.

My business had grown into a beautiful entity that now takes care of me and gives me the life I love but something just didn’t, quite feel right….

As I dug deep I realised that over the years a few of my best friends had closed their businesses down and the last time just recently really upset me. I couldn’t believe that something they loved so much and had worked so hard to keep alive had just died.

I started researching small businesses and realised that 60% of start up businesses in Australia fail…60%!!!

I was mortified and as an event planner I knew something needed to be done to challenge the status quo and put an end to such a high percentage.

So I went back to the drawing board and started to think about everything that was already out there and how my business could start making a difference and I realised that there are a lot of motivational events that are incredible but the there isn’t much out there that is really teaching people the fundamental elements to starting a business and allowing them to take home actionable strategies that they can implement straight away.

After all, in order for us to run an event we need to understand the basics about what every single vendor does so that the day can go really smoothly and running your business is the same.

If you don’t understand the legalities, the accounting, the finances, cashflow, marketing, website design etc etc, then you will never get your business off the ground ticking over smoothly. So that’s what we do. We create one event each year that touches on every single fundamental element you need to run your business properly and have a bunch of great events that are designed to leave you walking away with strategies you can implement into your life and business.

So there you have it and you might ask why only women? Well as a mother of two I know juggling life is often the norm and from a recent statistic out of the top 200 CEOs in Marketing industries only 11 of them are women, so we need to work together and support each other through the busy lifestyle our society has created for us to start making a difference and prove that it is possible.

If you feel connected to this group then I would love to invite you to become a member of this community because starting a business is preparing for a marathon and being a part of a like minded community of incredible women will honestly take your business to the next level, through support and positive relationship building.

Always believe in you, because you need to be the strongest bravest person you know!


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Photos by The Latest | Brisbane, Australia