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To Veil or Not To Veil: The Ultimate Guide to the Most Popular Bridal Accessory

Veils are one of our favourite bridal accessories, and choosing the right one for your wedding look can be an overwhelming experience when faced with the sheer number of options. The decision isn’t as simple as choosing a long or short veil. There are a range of different styles and lengths that can completely transform your wedding style! If you’re finding it hard to decide which veil you should choose for your big day, then don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. We have created the ultimate guide to veils to make your wedding planning journey just a bit easier.

Veil Lengths

It’s not as easy as choosing a long or short veil. There are a range of different lengths of veils to choose from.


This veil is perfect for the stylish, vintage bride. It is usually made of net or lace and covers just part of your face.

Shoulder Length

As the name suggests, the ends of this veil hits your shoulders. It is the perfect option for the bride that wants to wear a veil without taking away from her dress. Alternatively, it could be a very cute accessory for your reception look!

Elbow Length

This veil length is very popular. The veil skims gracefully over the bride’s shoulders and ends at her waist or elbows.

Fingertip Length

This veil length is a great choice as it is neither too long, nor too short. It suits most dress styles and generally ends at the bride’s fingertips.

Waltz Length

This style is also called the ballet veil and falls somewhere around the bride’s mid calf. If you’re looking for a longer option but want to wear it for your entire wedding, then this veil is the perfect choice as it won’t disrupt you as you dance the night away!

Floor Length

This veil just grazes the floor and will usually match the length of the bride’s gown. We would generally recommend this for bride’s who have dresses without a train.

Chapel Length

If your wedding gown does not have a train, this veil will create the illusion of one. It sweeps the floor, extending just beyond the bride’s gown.

Cathedral Length

If you’re looking for drama, this is it. This veil length extends beyond the bride’s dress and is by far one of my favourite veil lengths.

Veil Styles

We’ve gone through all the lengths of the veils, now let’s talk about the different styles.


A blusher is a piece of fabric that conceals the bride’s face, usually falling at their chest. It makes for a very exciting moment where the groom get’s to see his bride’s face for the first time before their kiss. You can find a blusher on any veil length and it is perfect for taking moody, bridal portraits.

Raw Edge

This is a very simple and traditional veil, generally made from a soft tulle. It is very dreamy & flowy, and suits a variety of dress styles.


Embroidered veils are all the rage right now. We are seeing written embroidery everywhere, all thanks to Hailey Bieber. You can also get veils with beautiful embroidered flowers and patterns. If you’re feeling bold, you can even get embroidered veils with colour!


Embellished veils are a beautiful way to add a bit of subtle detail to your wedding look. The pearl veil has been very popular over the past couple of years. You can also get veils embellished with rhinestones and crystals.

Lace Edge

The lace edge veil is a very traditional look and perfect for the vintage or boho bride.


Many brides are opting to make a fashion statement with their veils. We are seeing pleated tulle, lots of colour and veils with frilled edges. We are loving it!

Tips on Choosing Your Veil

So now that you are well versed on all the different veils you can get, how do you choose the perfect one for your wedding day? Here are a couple of tips!

  1. Consider your venue

If you’re having a rustic or casual wedding, you may want to opt for a veil that is floor length or shorter. Chapel and cathedral veils look stunning in old churches and luxe gardens but if your aisle is made up of concrete, the soft tulle may get caught on the floor. Think about where you are getting married and what might fit best.

2. Consider your wedding dress

If your dress has a lot of embellishments, you may want to choose a simple veil to compliment it. If your dress is very minimalistic, opting for a veil with embroidery, embellishments or other interesting elements will spice up your look.

3. Try veils on with your wedding dress

If you’re struggling to envision your entire look in your head, try on different types of veils with your chosen dress. Many bridal boutiques also sell a variety of veils that you can try on and purchase.

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We hope this guide has helped you on your veil shopping journey! Remember to have fun, and choose something that brings you joy. | Brisbane, Australia